$12 for 12 DAYS OF FITNESS!

Prepare for the crazy holiday season with 
12 Days of Fitness!

Using your own bodyweight
and no extra equipment
you can transform your body!

Meet Michael
Michael lost 54 pounds in 7 months

Meet Debra
Debra lost 28 pounds in 3 months

Meet Zane
Zane lost 57 pounds in 3 months!

Meet Melissa
Melissa lost an incredible
21 pounds in 30 days!

Each 50 minute workout
can be modified to any ability level
so you get the right intensity for YOU!

Our Certified Instructor will 
help you discover your potential!

As you lose weight
and get stronger,
you'll be even more motivated and
be able to push yourself even further!

Let's see what you can do on your
1st Day of Fitness
and what you can achieve on the
12th Day of Fitness!

Give yourself an early present this holiday season!

Then recover and enjoy the holidays with your family.

We'll ALSO be spending time
with our family on the East coast,
so this offer is only valid on classes between 
December 1st - 20th,
and Dec 29th and 30th.

Classes are limited to 6 people at time
so you'll get personal attention every day!
But you'll have to act fast!

Join Micheal, Zane, Debra, and Melissa,
and make yourself a success story too!

But...What about after the holidays?

Here's what we'll do...

If you stick to your commitment of
12 Days of Fitness
We'll schedule a 
FREE Training Assessment
with you in the new year 
to get you on a consistent training schedule
and help you reach your fitness goals!