$12 for 12 DAYS OF FITNESS!

Prepare for the crazy holiday season with 
12 Days of Fitness!

Our BeachBody Certified Insanity Instructor will 
help you discover your inner athlete!

On the 1st Day of Fitness...
You'll learn the basics of all the moves
and perform a baseline fitness test

Each workout is only 50 minutes:
4 blocks of exercises
3 sets of each block
2 minute intervals
uses no heavy equipment,
can be modified for any ability level,
and will work your entire body!

On the 12th Day of Fitness...
We'll repeat the fitness test,
you'll be stronger 
and faster!

Sign Up Now!

Classes are limited to 6 people at time
so you'll get personal attention,
but you have to reserve your spot quick!

This offer is only valid on classes between 
December 1st and 20th,
so that we can ALL spend time
with our families!