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Consistency Is The Key To Success!

posted Mar 30, 2017, 9:31 AM by Sound Training   [ updated Mar 30, 2017, 9:46 AM ]
Good morning!

I want you to think about how you felt YESTERDAY.

Was it a good day? Was it a bad day?

Maybe you've already forgotten about yesterday because it blends in with every. other. day.

If you've fallen into a rut and are lacking motivation, energy, and are missing that drive to achieve, know that you aren't alone, and that you can escape the continuous spiral of what I'm going to call "negative consistency".

If you could do ANYTHING you wanted with your life, what it be?

What gets you energized, pumped up, and motivated?

Just because we are in a certain situation right now, doesn't mean that we have to be stuck here.

Keep your goals in mind, and be CONSISTENT about working towards them. You probably already have SOME idea on how you could get there, but maybe aren't sure if it's a perfect path. Don't worry about having a perfect plan in place, just make sure that every day you are making the slightest bit of progress. Even just a 1% improvement each day will yield HUGE results by the end of the year!

There are lots of ways to squeeze in a 1% improvement each day.

This morning I was talking to a group of runners at the Sound Training Fitness Studio about ...

A Simple Exercise to Improve Running Technique

And you don't even have to lace up your shoes, or go out running!

You see, most runners are missing out on several inches of distance with each stride because they don't push off the ball of their big toe when they're running. They haven't taught their bodies to do that, and as a chicken & egg problem - may not yet have the strength in their calves to do so. 

One recommendation to help them CONSISTENTLY make progress towards their goals of running faster, is to do calf raises whenever their standing around - while brushing their teeth in the morning, waiting in line for coffee, waiting for the bus, etc - heck, you can even practice your calf raises while SITTING AT YOUR DESK! Every time you do that exercise (or ANY activity for that matter!) you are training your brain about how you want your body to move. This means that when you're out running, your body will naturally want to push off the ground because that's what you've been teaching it to do.

Toe-off position while running

Feeling stressed and need to relax? Put on some classical music in the car. It may be strange at first, but within a few days, you'll realize that you are more relaxed, and able to focus better.

Once you start being CONSISTENT with working towards your goals, it will become habit, and at some point, you'll realize that your stretch goals are within reach, and you'll be yearning to discover just how much potential you have. 

Put your mind to it, and be consistent, and you can accomplish anything!

To your success,
Sound Training & Racing