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Personalized Training Plans

We are passionate about providing our athletes a level of personalized attention that is beyond what other coaches are willing to offer. Training for any sport takes a lot of personal commitment and sacrifice, and we understand the importance of time. Every workout we provide has a specific purpose and we provide guidelines in each workout to ensure that you're training appropriately for that purpose and for that part of your training cycle. Click here to read more about our personalized training plans. Whether you're training for one, two, or three sports, we offer the same high-quality service with unlimited communication by email or instant message, and encourage you to engage in conversations in our Facebook group. Our training plans are billed on a monthly basis, and we develop the plan a week or so ahead of your training. We'll monitor your workouts throughout the week (using TrainingPeaksso that we can make adjustments and recommendations along the way.

Personalized Training Plans for One (1) Sport: $175 / month *
Personalized Training Plans for Two (2) Sports: $250 / month *
Personalized Training Plans for Three (3) Sports: $300 / month *

Swim Instruction

Out of the three sports in triathlon, swimming is by far the one that humans have the least natural talent. It's also the sport that demands the most from proper technique and less from aerobic fitness. In fact, often times the best distance runners have the most struggle with swimming. Also, swimming is an activity that many people feel very uncomfortable with due to the risks involved. We have experience coaching athletes of all ages and all abilities - from very beginners to elite athletes - in both the pool and open water. If you're just getting started and are nervous about getting in the water, then we encourage you to sign up for one of our private swim lessons, which are billed by the hour, but we can split them up into two 30-minute sessions to help you get the most out of the lesson. Once you've gotten the basics of the technique down and are comfortable in the water, we recommend having a video analysis done to help bring your swimming to the next level. Being able to see yourself swimming is an eye opener for many people, and it will allow you to visualize what technique changes need to be made to improve your streamlined position and increase your hold on the water. Both of these services can be used in conjunction with our personalized training plans above to ensure your continued improvement.

* All prices subject to additional transaction fees if paid by credit card. No additional fees if paid by cash, check, or bank transfer.