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2015-01-01: December and 2014 Wrap-up

posted Mar 5, 2015, 7:35 AM by Sound Training   [ updated Mar 7, 2015, 7:31 AM ]
Happy New Year!

As we start into the new year, it's good to reflect back on the past 12 months and pick out the highs, lows, and lessons that we've learned so that we can make improvements for the year to come.

On our side, we're super excited that Sound Training and Racing has come together and appreciate all your support as we begin this new adventure. It's been a lot of work, but seeing your improvements and growing confidence makes it all worthwhile and is very rewarding!

Swim Month of the USAT National Challenge is now complete! If you have any more miles to log for the month of December, please get them in ASAP! We finished off the first month of the challenge ranked 7th in Swim miles, and 8th based on total miles. Considering how many new swimmers we have on the team, that's awesome! Your continued improvements will really pay off in the coming months.

Congratulations to Mariana Greene for being our top swimmer with 17.5 miles! And also to Rob Cavanagh who was not far behind with 15.4 miles!

One of our proudest moments this year was brought to us by the one and only Karen Lam - watching her charge the finish line of her first marathon with a giant smile on her face! Karen started off the year with a 10k, then built up her distance to run her first half marathon at Lake Sammamish in March. In the midst of her marathon training she also ran the Vancouver Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon and set a new personal record in 1:58:07. Continued training and a good taper set her up well for the Califormia International Marathon, where she ran the first half in 1:57:31 (a new Half PR!) and finished the overall marathon in 4:04:29. Congratulations on an amazing year Karen! We're looking forward to your continued success in 2015 :-D

Thank you all for making this a special year for us, it has been a true pleasure! Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements regarding our plans for 2015!

Peter and Jennifer
Sound Training and Racing