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2015-01-25: January Updates

posted Mar 5, 2015, 7:37 AM by Sound Training   [ updated Mar 22, 2015, 12:33 PM ]
Hello Teammates!

Wow, where did January go!?!? It seems like this month has flown by and we apologize for not keeping everyone posted with updates! Here's an update with our results from the Fitness For Vitality 5k/10k, standings in the USAT National Challenge, a change to our group workout schedule, an upcoming vacation, and finally fun social event for the end of February!

*** Race Recap ***
It was great to see so many smiles on the course at the first Fitness For Vitality 5k/10k! It was quite foggy this morning, but made for some great scenery around Seward Park. Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic first race of the year!

In the 5k:
Tina Bergman 23:04 - 11th Overall, 3rd Female, 1st in Age Group
Sherrie Crow   24:20 - 17th Overall, 6th Female, 1st in Age Group

In the 10k:
Peter Lohrmann   39:01 - 1st Overall
Mariana Greene   51:43 - 12th Overall, 7th Female, 3rd in Age Group ***New PR***
Barbara Mahoney 56:45 - 25th Overall, 16th Female, 4th in Age Group

Check out our Facebook Group for photos from the day - Courtesy of Jennifer Santoyo!

*** USAT National Challenge ***
Hopefully everyone has been keeping up to date in logging their miles! We probably have a few that we'll need to look back and enter in as well!

For December and January combined, we're holding strong in 7th place!

Just looking at January (bike month), we're ranked 5th based on cycling miles, and ranked 6th when swimming and running are factored in. We've got one more week of January to get in more cycling miles!

Compared to the competition, we are far behind on our running miles :-( I'm sure that will change now that we've gotten our first race under our belts and we're looking to improve for the next set of races!

We've been tracking Gail Rudee in here USAT National Challenge rankings - she's currently in 5th, but only 27 points behind 4th - that's a 2 hour spin class ;-)  Also an interesting data point - she'd be ranked 2nd in her age group if you only looked at cycling miles!! GREAT JOB GAIL!

Also making a push into the top is Judith Sentz! She's currently ranked 10th in her age group! Judith seems to be going after those running miles a bit more than the swim or bike. Hopefully we'll see you in the pool soon as you start your preparations for Escape from Alcatraz ;-)


*** Group Training Schedule Change ***
With the pool re-opening at West Seattle Health Club, we'll now be using that facility for our regular swim workouts and as a result we will start on a new swim schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Updated schedule is listed below.

Also, as the 'off season' is coming to an end and people need to start focusing on more race-specific training, we're modifying the structure of our schedule, particularly for the swim. There will be two structured swim workouts, and one 'social swim' when we will still get together to swim as a group, but we are each responsible for bringing our own workout. This gives us all time to focus on the things that we (individually) need to improve on.

Monday: Swim Workout @ WSHC @ 5am
Tuesday: unscheduled (get in your own cycling or running workout)
Wednesday: Swim Workout @ WSHC @ 5am
Thursday: Spin Bike Workout + Brick Run @ WSHC @ 5:15
Friday: Social Swim @ WSHC @ 5am
Saturday: unscheduled (we recommend getting in a brick workout)
Sunday: Paced Long Ride at 9am (weather permitting) @ Lincoln Park

*** Upcoming Vacation ***
We wanted to give you all a forewarning that we'll be on vacation from Feb 13th through Feb 18th. Even though we won't be here, we highly encourage you all to keep up with your workouts!

*** Upcoming Group Event ***
What: Movie and Dinner!
When: Friday, February 21st
Where: Theater and Restaurant TBD
Why: We want to get everyone together to watch "McFarland, USA" (trailer: - "Set in the 1980s and inspired by actual events, the inspirational Disney sports drama McFarland stars Kevin Costner as a California track coach determined to shape a predominately Hispanic team into state champions."

After the movie, we'll head over to a nearby restaurant for dinner, where we will review the 2015 race schedule for Sound Training and Racing!

Happy Training!
Peter and Jennifer
Sound Training and Racing