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2015-02-05: January Wrap Up and February Update

posted Mar 5, 2015, 7:42 AM by Sound Training   [ updated Mar 7, 2015, 7:31 AM ]
Hello Teammates!

January is tough month to get back into a routine after the busy holidays, but you guys did a great job getting in your workouts!

Read on for updates on the USAT National Challenge, and upcoming training, racing, and social events!

*** USAT National Challenge Update ***

Bike Month is complete, and miles can no longer be entered for January!
USAT set the Team Benchmark for January at 7,500 points / miles of cycling and there were NO TEAMS in our division that made that benchmark! However, the top team was a mere 132 miles away! Unfortunately, we didn't even get HALF of that distance, with 2,855 miles. At least that was an improvement over December's 2,285 miles. Nonetheless, we finished Bike Month ranked 6th based on bike miles, and 7th based on overall miles.

Individual Updates:
Gail Rudee is still ranked 4th in her age group! She's had some ups and downs with her hamstring, but still sticking to her routine! Make sure you get some good stretching in with all those cycling miles ;-)

Judith Sentz is ranked 11th in her age group! Her competition is very interesting because the people around her all have different strengths - some have done a lot more swimming, some have more cycling, and others more running. Judith seems to much more balanced than the others! Great job!

Rankings within the Team
Top 5 based on cycling miles in January:
1) Gail Rudee 599 miles
2) Peter Lohrmann 335 miles
3) Judith Sentz 288 miles
4) Heather Gilroy 273 miles
5) Matthieu Marescaux 257 miles

Top 5 based on overall points:
1) Gail Rudee 1655 points
2) Matthieu Marescaux 1389 points
3) Peter Lohrmann 1342 points
4) Judith Sentz 919 points
5) Tina Bergman 862 points

Nudge Nudge: Rob Cavanagh isn't too far behind Tina ;-)

Looking ahead to February
February is Run Month and the team benchmark is 2,500 points (1 mile run gets converted to 3 points), and the top 6 teams reached that in January - unfortunately we weren't one of them, coming in at just over 1,850 points. Can we do it this month? We're already at 265!

Speaking of running.... join us at the end of the month for an inspiring new running movie called "McFarland, USA"! We're still trying to nail down the date, so please vote at the event link below.

After the movie, we'll get together for dinner and talk about the 2015 race schedule and goals!

*** Upcoming Group Training Opportunities ***
Sunday, Feb 8th @ 9am - Group ride around Mercer Island, meet at Luther Burbank Park. As many loops as you'd like; we'll alternate directions after each loop to keep it interesting. So far we have people riding anywhere from 1 loop (~17 miles) up to 4 loops (~54 miles). This is also a great place to get in a brick run after your long ride!

*** Upcoming Team Races ***
Sunday, Feb 22nd - Fitness For Vitality 5k/10k #2 at Seward Park (Discount code is available for STR Members!)

Sunday, March 1st - Hot Chocolate 5k/15k

Great Job Team! Happy Training!

Peter Lohrmann & Jennifer Santoyo
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