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2015-03-07: February Wrap Up

posted Mar 7, 2015, 11:45 AM by Sound Training   [ updated Mar 22, 2015, 11:45 AM ]

*** Sound Training and Racing Website ***

We're proud to announce that our website is now live! If you're here, then you already now that you can now find us at! We've uploaded all of our past newsletters, added links to our sponsors, and information about some of the services we offer - team membership, swim instruction, and training series. More content is on its way, and we're open to ideas if there is something you feel we should add!

*** USAT National Challenge Competition ***

With February coming to an end, so has the USAT National Challenge. This was Sound Training and Racing’s first year participating in the challenge, and I think we did a FANTASTIC job! Overall as a team we were in close competition with team PRSFit, but we stepped up and took over 6th place by only 95 points! There were 24 teams in our division and to finish 6th in our first year is awesome! Congratulations to everyone who participated over the past three months! You Rock!

National Challenge Overall Results

Running was the featured sport of February and we accumulated 1996.68 points. Our top five runners were:

  1. Matthieu Marescaux  154.86 miles = 465.58 points
  2. Peter Lohrmann   72.7 miles = 218.10 points
  3. Judith Sentz   65.25 miles = 195.75 points
  4. Tina Bergman   64.5 miles = 193.5 points
  5. Annette Herrick   54.5 miles = 163.5 points

Overall we’ve had some very impressive personal performances. We had six members with over 1000 points! G

  1. Gail Rudee   1917.8 miles = 2367.44 points
  2. Matthieu Marescaux   1078.43 miles = 2036.19 points
  3. Peter Lohrmann   1008.98 miles = 1720.13 points
  4. Judith Sentz   832.33 miles = 1415.7 points
  5. Tina Bergman   773.08 miles = 1246.4 points
  6. Rob Cavanagh   699.42 miles = 1200.09 points

A very special congratulations to both Gail Rudee, who finished 5th in her age group (by only 4.5 points!), and Judith Sentz who finished 9th in her age group! INCREDIBLE! You should be very proud of your accomplishments and we’re looking forward to following you throughout this year!

*** Hot Chocolate 15k/5k - March 1, 2015 ***

The Hot Chocolate 15k/5k was an impressively organized and fun event that catered to participants of all abilities and ages. Aid stations were stocked with water, sports drinks, and special treats such as chocolate chips, strawberry marshmallows, and chocolate marshmallows! Registration goodies included a grey hood sweatshirt with bright green or bright pink accents, and all finishers were treated to a delicious cup of hot chocolate and bowl of chocolate fondue! YUMMM! 

5k results:
Jennifer Santoyo 24:20 - Excellent first race and run after your broken ankle!

15k results:
Peter Lohrmann 1:01:30 - Great race after a recent rough patch!
Mariana Greene 1:22:15 - Over 20 seconds per mile faster than last year!
Sherrie Crow 1:27:20 - Great negative splits!
Judith Sentz 1:35:51 - Came back to finish strong!
Erich Knaak 1:42:16 - Aggressive start, but good finish!


*** Fitness For Vitality 5k/10k - Seward Park - Race #2 - February 22, 2015 ***

Congratulations to Nana Greene, Barbara, Peter Lohrmann, Tina Bergman, and Leo for their fabulous run this morning! As always, it's a great joy to watch you all shine! Another BIG thank you to Annette Herrick for hosting yet another amazing event!

5K Results:
Tina Bergman: 4th overall female / 1st age group (50-59) in a time of 22:09 (7:08 pace)  
- :55 faster than the first race; impressive improvement for a 5K!

10K Results:
Peter Lohrmann: 2nd overall male / 2nd age group (30-39) in a time of 39:50 (6:25 pace)
– Amazing time after being sick/out for 2 weeks!

Nana Greene: 10th overall female / 2nd age group (30-39) in a time of 49:46 (8:01 pace)
- 1:57 faster than the first race; and another PR!!!

Barbara Mahoney: 23rd overall female / 4th age group (50-59) in a time of 55:07 (8:53 pace)
- 1:38 faster than the first race; stupendous time!

*** Membership Renewal ***

Many of you joined Sound Training and Racing using our initial 3-month trial membership, which is now coming to an end. We’ve gone though a lot of changes over the past three months and we appreciate the patience and commitment you have all shown. We love the community that you have built with one another and that you are all reaching out to one another to coordinate workouts and share information. 

We know we've been a bit quiet lately, but know that behind the scenes we are working to provide you with great training opportunities. We're working on our website which we hope to have live very soon; coordinating open water swim sessions; and in just a few weeks we'll be taking a Lifeguard Certification Course so that we can more easily access Evergreen Community Aquatic Center to host group swim workouts! 

We hope that you’ll continue to be a part of the Sound Training and Racing team and will renew your memberships for the remainder of the year. If you initially signed up for the 3-month trial, you can renew your membership using this form:

*** Upcoming Sound Training Series: Lake Meridian Triathlon ***

Sound Training and Racing is hosting an 8-week triathlon training series designed for beginner and experienced athletes who are looking to build confidence in the sport and are motivated by working out with a small group! Entries are limited so that we can ensure everyone gets personal attention! We promise that you’ll get to the starting line safely and be in shape to finish comfortably! Click here for more information and the registration page! We hope you'll join us!

Happy Training!

Peter Lohrmann & Jennifer Santoyo
Sound Training and Racing, LLC