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2015-08-03: August Newsletter

posted Aug 3, 2015, 9:20 PM by Sound Training   [ updated Aug 4, 2015, 11:26 AM ]
The end of race season is drawing near, and that means everyone is busy, tired, and trying to get in their last few peak workouts before heading into their top priority races! We're excited to see the outcomes of everyone's hard work this season! Keep in mind proper hydration and nutrition before, during, and after these key workouts. One of the best tips we learned recently is to take advantage of the body's ability to use evaporative cooling. What's that? The body sweats so that the droplets of water can absorb body heat and then evaporate away, leaving the body slightly cooler. In hot temperatures like we've had in Seattle recently, athletes may not sweat enough to sufficiently cool the body and sweating too much can cause severe problems with dehydration and overheating. One of the best ways to assist the body is to pour cool water on your head, arms, and back. Your body heat can dissipate much more quickly with cool water poured over it, than with sweat. In a race, grab two cups of water at the aid stations and dump one over your head and drink the other. This will help your body temperature under control and you'll be able to focus your energy on getting to the finish line!

Coach's News

*** Computrainers ***

We're excited to say that we now have two Computrainers available for cycling power and threshold testing, efficiency training, and for course simulation rides. For those of you who are not familiar with Computrainer, it is an indoor cycling trainer which can be used with any bicycle and is connected to a computer so that it can either measure your power output, or automatically adjust the resistance to simulate riding the ascents and descents of an actual course. We can also design specific workout intervals & intensities to make sure the rider is performing the workout appropriately for their individual ability.

*** Sensoria Ambassadors ***

We believe in using data to confirm our improvements over time, and Sensoria has developed a new line of fitness products that allow us to gather new metrics in the world of running - foot strike patterns. They have released a pair of socks that have special sensors which can measure the pressure applied to the fabric, and using a Bluetooth transmitter to send the data to a smart phone, you are able to monitor your foot strike patterns in real time while you are running. This should be of particular interest to people who are recovering from injury, or who suffer frequent joint pains while running, as this technology will allow us to determine if the athlete is favoring one leg over the other (indicating they are not biomechanically balanced and have not properly recovered from a previous injury), or if the athlete has a tendency to under- or over-pronate which can lead to an injury. We received our first pairs of socks this week and are looking forward to collecting more data! Sensoria also has a line of technical shirts and sports bras which have a heart rate monitor built-in to the chest, so you'll no longer have to wear a separate HR strap! Their transmitter will also work with both ANT+ and Bluetooth devices, allowing it to be paired with almost any smart watch or smart phone! The material is slightly on the thicker side and I'll admit to having some concerns when I wore the compression shirt for the first time, but even after 7 miles in hot temperatures I was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the shirt was! We've joined up with Sensoria because we believe these products will help keep our athletes healthier and stronger. Check out their website for more information on their fitness gear, and let us know if you're interested in their products!

Upcoming Events

*** USA Triathlon National Championships ***

WHEN: Saturday August 8th (Olympic Distance); Sunday August 9th (Sprint Distance)
WHERE: Milkwuakee, Wisconsin
This event marks the 3rd year that the USAT National Championships will be held in Milwaukee. While the Sprint Distance event is open to all competitors, qualification for the Olympic Distance requires that athletes finish in the top 10% of a USAT Sanction local event, or the top 30% of a USAT Regional Championship. The top 18 finisher in each age group of the National Championship qualify to be part of Team USA on the 2016 ITU World Series Circuit, including the 2016 ITU World Championship which will be held in Cozumel, Mexico. We wish all the best to our athletes who are competing!

*** EuroGames Stockholm Track & Field Championship 2015 ***

WHEN: Wednesday August 5th - Sunday August 9th
WHERE: Stockholm, Sweden
EuroGames Stockholm is a sport, cultural and political event which encourages participation from all individuals, with the aim to offer a safe environment for LGBTQ competitors and participants. In addition to competitions in 29 sports, there are a variety of activities and attractions, even a film festival! We're excited to cheer on two of our teammates as they compete in the Track & Field Championships this weekend!

*** Lake Tye Triathlon ***

WHEN: Saturday August 8th
WHERE: Lake Tye Park, Monroe, WA
The Lake Tye Triathlon is a fantastic local event featuring youth, sprint, and olympic distance races on one of the flattest and fastest courses in the area. PLUS, enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast post-race!   

*** Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens ***

WHEN: Sunday August 16th
WHERE: Lake Stevens, WA
Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens is the closest and most popular Ironman 70.3 event in this area. We just previewed the bike and run course last weekend, and it's easy to see why it is a favorite! The tree lined country roads are scenic, well paved, and fast, however the hills in the latter half of the bike route require intelligent riding in order to have enough energy in the tank for the sunny, exposed, lakeside run.

*** Lake Meridian Triathlon #2 ***

WHEN: Sunday August 23rd
WHERE: Lake Meridian Park, Kent, WA
Many triathletes in the area prepare all season for the second Lake Meridian Triathlon. With two triathlons at this location, and several Friday Night Swim Races, Raise The Bar has perfected the swim portion of this event. Once out on the bike, athletes head out on a very long false flat, and often reach the turn around relieved to find out that it is a downhill return, but also a bit more depleted than they should be. The run course takes you along various paved and unpaved paths, and also up and down steep hills that often bring people to a walk! It's a challenging, but very rewarding course, with another great pancake breakfast after the event!

*** Ironman 70.3 World Championship ***

WHEN: Sunday August 30th
WHERE: Zell am See Kaprun, Salzburg, Austria
Our two coaches Jennifer and Peter will be travelling to Austria in the last week of August for their first Ironman 70.3 World Championship. This is the first year the event is taking place outside the United States, and it will certainly be a unique experience - the bike course includes a 9 mile climb through the Alps with grades reaching upwards of 12%! Luckily the remainder of the course, including the run, is mostly flat! Congratulations to our coaches on this amazing accomplishment and we wish you a great time in Austria!

*** More Upcoming Events ***

August 15th: RSVP (multi-day bike ride)
August 23rd: IronGirl (Super-Sprint)
August 23rd; Lake Meridian Triathlon #2 (Sprint and Olympic)
September 5th: Bonney Lake Triathlon (Sprint)

Race Results

*** ChelanMan Olympic Triathlon ***

Abigail Sargent - 3rd overall female! 2:30:00 (Swim: 29:09, Bike: 1:15:56, Run: 42:12)

*** Seafair Triathlon ***

Sherrie Crow - 7th AG 1:26:30 (Swim: 18:50, Bike: 36:26, Run: 26:28)
Denise Quarles - 4th AG 1:22:46 (Swim: 16:22, Bike: 38:11, Run: 24:54)

*** Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage ***

Jasmine Azpiri - 3rd overall Female Team! Leg 1: 4.82mi (8:15 pace), Leg 2: 7.73mi (7:54 pace), Leg 3: 5.86mi (7:54 pace)

*** Ellensburg Sprint Triathlon ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 1st overall Female 1:00:31 (Swim: 6:08, Bike: 34:32, Run: 17:49)
Peter Lohrmann - 4th overall Male 57:37 (Swim: 5:28, Bike: 34:00, Run: 16:35)

*** Whisky Dick Olympic Triathlon ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 1st overall Female 3:01:17 (Swim: 28:58, Bike: 1:49:28, Run: 42:24)
Peter Lohrmann - 5th overall Male 2:53:54 (Swim: 27:11, Bike: 1:43:57, Run: 40:51)
Sherrie Crow - 2nd Relay Team (Run: 55:42)

Sponsor Space

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