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2015-09-02: September Newsletter

posted Sep 3, 2015, 11:45 AM by Sound Training   [ updated Sep 4, 2015, 12:50 AM ]
The sun is starting to rise a little later, the temperatures are cooling off, and weather is starting to shift. Fall is in the air, but it's technically still Summer and there are still a few more big races this season! It's important at this time to year to remember that we can't control Mother Nature on race day, and we should be prepared for anything to happen - there could be a surprise heat wave, or there could be a heavy downpour. If you have a long ride or long run planned for a day that has unpleasant weather, don't get discouraged and shy away from your training, but instead use it as an opportunity to test your gear and prepare yourself for the possible challenges of race day. Safety should always be your #1 priority, so don't put yourself in a dangerous situation or one where you feel unsafe, but don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Make yourself visible by wearing brightly colored clothing, reflective gear, and head lights & tail lights - which are useful for both running and cycling! Going for an OWS (ie, Open Water Swim) is also okay when it's raining, but stay near shore so that you can exit the water in case of lightning, and bring along an orange safety buoy if you have one to make you more visible to other swimmers and any boaters who may be on the water. Don't let the change in weather take away from your final race(s) of the season, train smart, stay focused, stay committed, and have a fun and successful race!

Coach's News

*** End of Season Celebrations ***

Thanks to the generosity of one of our teammates, we'll have two End of Season Celebrations this year! One will be a fun weekend getaway along Lake Wenatchee in October; the other will be our Official End of Season Party and will be held locally so that hopefully everyone can attend. Dates and details are still to be determined, so please stay involved in our discussions in the STR Members page and keep an eye on Sound Training and Racing's Facebook Page for the final event announcements!

*** Consistent Training ***

As the reality sets in that our final races are just a few weeks away, it is good to look back at the season and evaluate how your training and races have progressed. If you've been consistent with your training, then you are no doubt on a successful path for your goal race. If your training has had some ups and downs and you don't feel like you're at the fitness level you were hoping for, then you may feel panicked and frantic to make up for missed workouts. In these final weeks leading up to your goal race, there are many ways that you can accidentally sabotage your race, so it's important to stay consistent and stick with your training plan. During the final 14 days before your event, going to any extreme - cutting back calories to lose a few extra pounds before the race, hitting the weight-room extra hard to build more strength, even attending an impromptu yoga session - can throw off your body enough to have a negative impact on race day. These final two weeks are when it is most important to strictly stick to the training plan as your coach will be trying to dial-in your fitness specifically for your race. The workouts are very strategically planned to keep your fitness high and your body sharp, while also optimizing your recovery so that you feel ready to give it your all on race day. No matter whether you've had a phenomenal season, or if you've had some hiccups in your training, stay in communication with your coach, and you'll be prepared for race day!

Upcoming Events

*** Black Diamond Triathlons & Half Marathon ***

WHEN: Sunday September 13th (Sprint, Long Course Triathlon, Half Marathon)
WHERE: Nolte State Park, Enumclaw, WA
We had a great time competing as relay teams at this event last year, and are excited to go back this year competing as individuals! We have teammates competing in both the sprint and long course triathlon (i.e. half Ironman). We're in for a great treat this year as the event has changed owners and is now being organized by our good friends at Raise The Bar!

*** ITU World Triathlon Grand Final ***

WHEN: Tuesday, September 15th - Saturday, September 19th (Olympic Distance)
WHERE: Grant Park, Chicago, IL
For many of us, the goal of our first triathlon is clear and to the point - to finish. With so much to think about and prepare for, we forget that we're taking part in something that is much larger than just the race on that day. Many of the courses we race on have been sanctioned by USA Triathlon, which verifies the distance of the course and means the top 10% of athletes in each age group will qualify for the USAT National Championship (aka "Nationals"). If an athlete does well enough at Nationals (top 18, with roll-downs going to top 25), they are eligible to compete as part of Team USA in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final (aka "Worlds"). You truly feel that you are representing the United States of America when competing in this world class event. It is an amazing experience, a great honor, and completely changes one's perspective about competing in the Sprint and Olympic distances. We're excited to cheer on our teammate Abby as she races in Chicago!

*** Fitness For Vitality 5k / 10k ***

WHEN: Sunday September 20th
WHERE: Alki Beach Park, Seattle, WA
Our teammate Annette is also our most favorite race director! Fitness for Vitality has another 3-race series being held Sept 20th, Oct 11th, and Nov 8th, where athletes can participate in either a 5k or 10k running race, and if you pre-register through the 3-race series you'll not only get a discount, but also be entered in the most-improved contest! Whether you're looking for new endeavors as triathlon season winds down, or if you're starting to get back in shape before the holidays, the Fitness for Vitality series is a GREAT way to measure your progress! We hope to see you there!

Race Results

*** USA Triathlon National Championship ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 7th AG (Olympic) 2:16:30 (Swim: 25:25, Bike: 1:04:47, Run: 41:47)
Peter Lohrmann - 35th AG (Olympic) 2:10:44 (Swim: 22:13, Bike: 1:05:29, Run: 39:41)
Jennifer Santoyo - 7th AG (Sprint) 1:11:15 (Swim: 14:18, Bike: 32:37, Run: 20:30)
Peter Lohrmann - 19th AG (Sprint) 1:08:19 (Swim: 12:23, Bike: 32:19, Run: 19:42)

*** EuroGames Stockholm Track & Field Championship 2015 ***

Barbara Mahoney - 2nd AG (1500m) 6:39.08
Barbara Mahoney - 1st AG (400m) 82.63
Barbara Mahoney - 2nd AG (800m) 3:10.84
Barbara Mahoney - 2nd Overall (4x400m)
Tina Bergman - 1st Overall (5000m) 22:33.26
Tina Bergman - 1st Overall (4x400m)

*** Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 1st Overall Female 4:49:30 (Swim: 31:01, Bike: 2:42:15, Run: 1:32:23)
Peter Lohrmann - 13th AG 4:56:19 (Swim: 29:08, Bike: 2:51:40, Run: 1:31:53)

*** Lake Meridian Triathlon #2 ***

Gail Rudee - 1st AG, 31st Overall Female (Sprint) 1:49:15 (Swim: 18:19, Bike: 55:01, Run: 28:23)
Abby Sargent - 1st AG, 5th Overall Female (Olympic) 2:27:28 (Swim: 27:47, Bike: 1:14:45, Run: 42:10)
Denise Quarles - 2nd AG (Olympic) 2:46:13 (Swim: 30:38, Bike: 1:20:01, Run: 52:37)
Jasmine Azpiri - 9th AG (Olympic) 2:49:42 (Swim: 34:33, Bike: 1:24:14, Run: 47:37)
Mariana Greene - 12th AG (Olympic) 2:58:20 (Swim: 31:05, Bike: 1:26:19, Run: 56:58)

*** Ironman 70.3 World Championship - Zell am See-Kaprun ***

Jennifer Santoyo - 40th AG 5:25:46 (Swim: 32:33, Bike: 2:55:01, Run: 1:46:39)
Peter Lohrmann - 145th AG 5:01:33 (Swim: 29:19, Bike: 2:36:22, Run: 1:45:39)

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