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2015-10-09: October Newsletter

posted Oct 9, 2015, 12:33 PM by Sound Training
The ITU World Triathlon Grand Final, held in Chicago, marked the end of the triathlon season for Sound Training and Racing members. It's amazing to look back at the year and realize how much everyone has accomplished - we've had teammates learn how to swim, overcome their cycling fears, complete their first triathlon, tackle a new triathlon distance, set a bunch of new personal records, celebrated numerous podium finishes, compete in this year's USAT National Championship, ITU World Championship, Ironman 70.3 World Championship, and also several qualifiers for next year's championships! From day to day we may not realize the changes that take place, but with the consistency and dedication that everyone has shown this year it's clear to see how far we've all come. We have all experienced our own highs and lows throughout the year, but together we have adapted, pushed through, and come out smarter and stronger on the other side. This is important to remember as we look ahead towards next year and identify our goals. In addition to those big ticket achievements we want to experience, there will be many smaller challenges that we will overcome without necessarily recognizing them as accomplishments. I encourage you all to take some time to reflect on the many little accomplishments you achieved this year, and give some thought as to what led to those situations. What can you do to be more prepared for, or to avoid, those same challenges next year? After some proper recovery time, the off-season and pre-season are about laying a solid foundation on which to build for next season. Below, we'll share some of our suggestions about how to train during this time of the year.

Coach's News

*** Off-Season Training ***

Our big races are over and after some initial recovery, we try to get back into our normal routine.... but.... what routine? What are we training for? OMG... WHAT DO I DO NOW?!?! Relax. Relax? You want me to RELAX?!?! I don't know how to RELAX! I AM RELAXED!!! Haha! Some version of this dialogue happens every year. For most of the year we are in such a time-consuming fitness routine that we really don't know what to do when there isn't an goal in the immediate future. Since you've been working out for more than 6 weeks, all of that fitness "is in the bank" and it will easily come back even after a few weeks off. Sure, it may not be in your pocket ready to whip out at an impromptu race, but with a little training, you'll get it back. So even though your training hours have dwindled to minutes, and you feel more rested because you are more rested, that doesn't mean that you're out of shape! Avoid the a far too common pitfall though - in fear of gaining weight athletes tend to through themselves head-first into some other high intensity activity - a plyometric program, heavy weight training regimen, daily yoga, etc. While these are all reasonable ways to train, this is NOT the time for such activities. After such a long season, it's important to let the body recover completely so that you'll be at full strength heading into the next season. It's generally recommended to take a full month off from your regular routine. That doesn't mean you can't workout, but it should be unscheduled, unstructured, and most importantly, LOW intensity. If you think in terms of the typical five heart rate zones, it should be zone 1 - recovery! Instead of practicing three sports, use this time to practice an 8 hour sleep schedule and proper healthy meals. If you can make those two items a habit, you're well on your way to a successful season!

After a month of good sleep, healthy meals, and an occasional recovery workout, you'll be in a prime state to begin Pre-Season training. We'll talk more about this next month, but since some people ended their season sooner than others, this a worthwhile topic to bring up now. The most important thing during this time, is to proceed gradually so that you avoid injury! There are MANY ways to improve during the pre-season, and also many ways to push too hard and get injured. If you work too hard now, you'll plateau before the season even begins. If you work slow and steady, you'll gradually build to an even higher level of fitness and will have a stronger foundation heading into your peak workouts next year!

Upcoming Events

*** End of Season Party ***

WHEN: Saturday, October 10th
WEBSITE: Facebook Event Invite, or contact us
The triathlon season has ended, and there is so much to celebrate! We can't wait to see everyone! Note: The Ironman World Championships in Kona are also today - so if you can't join the party, I hope you're watching the race!

*** Fitness For Vitality 5k / 10k ***

WHEN: Sunday, October 11th
WHERE: Alki Beach Park, Seattle, WA
The first race of this series was a great success, and now we're gearing up the for race number 2! The Fitness for Vitality 5k / 10k series is a GREAT way to get into a good running habit before the holidays begin!

*** Lake Wenatchee Weekend Getaway ***

WHEN: October 16th-19th
WHERE: Lake Wenatchee, WA
WEBSITE: Facebook Event Invite, or contact us
One of our teammates was nice enough to invite us out to their family's cottage along Lake Wenatchee for a relaxing weekend, which also has great hiking / running / cycling routes nearby if you're feeling ambitious! Come join us for a fun filled weekend!

Race Results

*** Black Diamond Triathlons & Half Marathon ***

Peter Lohrmann - 7th Overall, 4th Age Group (Half Iron) 4:46:39 (Swim: 31:00, Bike: 2:34:02, Run: 1:39:00)
Gail Rudee - 25th Overall Female, 3rd Age Group (Sprint) 1:35:27 (Swim: 18:58, Bike: 39:53, Run: 28:27)

*** ITU World Triathlon Grand Final ***

Abby Sargent - 278th Overall, 43rd Age Group (Olympic) 2:23:08 (Swim: 28:45, Bike 1:04:51, Run 42:43)

*** Fitness For Vitality 5k /10k ***

Peter Lohrmann - 2nd Overall Male, 1st Age Group (5k Run: 18:40)
Jasmine Azpiri - 2nd Overall Female, 1st Age Group (5k Run: 21:07) * New PR!
Jennifer Santoyo - 3rd Overall Female, 2nd Age Group (5k Run: 21:42)
Tina Bergman - 4th Overall Female, 1st Age Group (5k Run: 22:45)
Karen Lam - 19th Overall Female, 10th Age Group (5k Run/Walk: 37:35)  * Great return from surgery!

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