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2016-04-01: April Newsletter

posted Apr 1, 2016, 2:53 PM by Sound Training   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 12:30 PM ]

Coach's News

*** Fitness Studio Updates ***

Welcome back athletes! It's been a while since we last sent out an update, and there is LOTS to report on! First and foremost, the SOUND Training and Racing Fitness Studio is now up and running! Er... should I say spinning!?! We're hosting morning and evening CompuTrainer cycling workouts throughout the week. If you haven't been to the studio yet, come check us out and get your First CompuTrainer Class Free! On Sundays we've been doing a longer simulation ride - where the computer dynamically changes the resistance of the trains to simulate the terrain of some of our favorite courses! The rain and darkness hasn't kept us off our bikes! Throughout April we'll riding the Mount Rainier Duathlon course, as we prepare for that race on May 1st. The Mount Rainier Duathlon, hosted by our sponsor BuDu Racing, is also the USA Triathlon Pacific Northwest Regional Duathlon Championship! There's sure to be great competition there, but Sound Training and Racing will be ready for it!

In addition the CompuTrainer workouts, we've been hosting very popular group swim lessons on Saturdays 12:30-2:30pm at Evergreen Community Aquatic Center. This is absolutely the best deal around for having a USAT Certified Coach (or two!) giving you personal feedback on your swim stroke and being able to practice the drills that will help you improve. We've had all abilities from very beginners to lifetime swimmers - everyone is welcome! Sign up here for our next session!

Of course no triathlon would be complete without some running! Tuesday mornings you'll find us running up and down Avalon Way, building strength to prepare ourselves for faster intervals on the track in a few weeks. Thursday mornings we meet along Alki near Starbucks & Top Pot Doughnuts for a more steady-state aerobic or tempo run. Our long run is on Saturday morning; it leaves from the studio and heads down through Lincoln Park as far as you need to go before heading back to the studio. If you're feeling a bit chilled after your run, our neighbors at Harry's Coffee Joint have a fantastic homemade chai tea and other great treats! All of our runs are free to attend, so we do hope you'll join us! Just make sure you sign up online so that we know you're coming!

Monthly Coffee Talks & Clinics

*** Daily Nutrition for Athletes ***

The second Monday of each month we are holding a team meeting in the mornings (6am) and a talk in the evening (6:30pm). This month, we'll have teammate and nutritionist Jasmine Azpiri of
Whole Self Nutrition discussing how to meet your daily nutrition needs, and how to incorporate proper nutrition to support your athletic workouts. You'll know what you should be eating on your recovery days, and what to eat on your heavy workout days. Ever feel starving after a long workout? We'll give you tips to solve that! Are you gaining weight even though you're working out more now than you were before? We'll give specific examples of what you can eat before, during, and after your workouts to help you benefit from the workout, and still make progress towards your weight-related goals! Sign up for free!

Upcoming Events

*** Mount Rainier Duathlon ***
WHEN: May 1st
Several of us will be racing there, and it would be great to have other friends volunteer! Let us know if you'd like to participate in one way or another!

*** Swimtastic: All Things Open Water (Dry land swim clinic) ***
WHEN: Saturday, May 21st, 10-11am
WHERE: Register to find out!
Our friends and sponsor at Say YES! to Life Swims will be putting on a dry-land clinic on open water swimming, and we'll be helping out with triathlon and wetsuit tips!

*** West Seattle 5k ***
WHEN: Sunday, May 22nd
Come out and support the West Seattle High School, and have a fun racing with your fellow STR teammates! If you'd like help preparing for the race, we have a special offer - become an annual member of SOUND Training and Racing, and we'll give you a free personalized training plan for the 5k!

Recent Results

*** USAT National Challenge Competition ***

USAT National Challenge

Each year our teammates participate in the USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition, which encourages us to continue swimming, cycling, and running through the Winter months. Our miles are tallied up and we're ranked against teams of similar size. We're proud to say that in our second year of participating as Sound Training and Racing, not only did we win Run Month (February), but overall we WON Division V! It was truly inspiring to watch all our teammates get in their workouts and stay dedicated to the sports they love during the dark and wet winter months. Some people primarily swim, others bike, and others only run, but together we stayed motivated!

Although the challenge ended in February, we're continuing to encourage one another with an "April Ab Challenge" this month and will have coming throughout the year! Participation is open to all Sound Training and Racing annual members who are also USA Triathlon members. Contact us if you'd like more information on participating!

Sponsor Space

Infinit Nutrition
We're happy to announce Infinit Nutrition as a supporter of SOUND Training and Racing! Infinit is the only customizable sports nutrition blend that allows athletes to personalize their sports drink to meet their exact nutritional needs. Almost every aspect of Infinit can be tweaked - overall calories, carbohydrate content, protein, electrolytes, even how strong the flavoring is! Use discount code "INFINIT-6GPQS" to get $5 off your first order, or 5% off all follow-up orders!