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Team Meetings (Coffee Talks)

Our team meetings are held quarterly on the 2nd Monday of the month, and are open to all teammates and anyone interested in getting to know our team! We use these meetings to talk as a team about any topics that are relevant at the time - from upcoming races, to desired clinics, to nutrition and gear. We have coffee available for those that would like some! 

WHEN: 2nd Monday each month
 March 13 2016 Race Schedule
 April 11 USAT Club Initiative Program & Member Benefits 
 May 9 Sponsors & Social Events!
 August 15 Upcoming Training
 November 14 Join us for this meeting!
 December 12 Join us for this meeting!

2016 Meeting Minutes

August 15th: Upcoming Training

Agenda (Monday @ 7pm): 
Brandy, Steph, Nerissa, Michelle, Jasmine, Aaron, Ross, Gail
  • 70.3 PR Tri-Club Championships
    • Not much interests from attendees
    • We've heard excitement from those NOT in attendance
      • Will need to poll others, as price increase is soon!
  • Spotify Music Playlist
    • Help us contribute to the playlist!
  • UCAN - Official Training-Nutrition Sponsor
    • If you want to try some, let Peter know he's about to place an order
  • Please provide testimonials, feedback, etc.
  • Instagram 
    • send content to Steph Willett
    • Post your own photos and tag with #STR or #soundtrainingandracing
    • ACTION: Peter to confirm password for Instagram
  • Cycling Studio
    • Changing workouts in the Fall
    • 8-week series which focuses on different cycling skills (cadence, power, aerobic, anaerobic, etc.)

  • Insanity as a Group - Gauging Interest
    • BeachBody with Shawn T which recently became a sponsor for IRONMAN
      • Thursday at 6am we'll have a trial workout
      • Online Forum to support each other
      • Brandy, Nerissa, Jasmine, Aaron, Ross, Gail (maybe)
      • Complimentary
  • Weight Loss Challenge
    • In combination with Insanity challenge
    • Use scale at studio to measure Body Fat %, score is based on changes in BF%
      • Allows muscle gain to be a boost in score!
  • Team Captains
    • Jennifer and Peter can't cover all activities that we'd like to have available for the group
    • Primarily to lead outdoor swims, rides, and runs
    • Would like some of our teammates to step up as captains
    • We'll compensate you in one way or another (open for discussion)
  • Rolla Cycles
    • Have been providing GREAT small-group rides
    • Averaging about 18.6 mph (30 kph)
    • Saturday OR Sunday, either 8 or 8:30am, various routes in the area
    • ACTION: Provide link to their schedule
  • National Challenge
    • Starting soon! Looking for ideas to make it even more engaging!
  • Other Topics that came up:
    • September 10 Black Diamond Run (sprint - relay)... swim/bike = Gail / Jasmine (runner)
    • August 29th Michelle comes back to town (2 weeks) and ready to get more involved!

May 9th: Social Events

  • Sweat X
    • Samples of the product
    • Please provide feedback on the product
    • detergent with oxi
  • Tri-Suits
    • Thermal Jacket are coming soon
  • Laundry Basket
  • West Seattle Recap
    • Loyalty Program
      • $500 worth of purchases
      • 10% off for the next year
      • ask what your balance
  • Monthly Movie Night at the Studio
    • Day of the Week?
      • Sunday evenings 6pm
        • 6:30pm - movie start time
        • June 
        • Food Portables
        • Bring your own chair
    • Movie List?
      • Inside Out
      • Run Fat Boy Run
      • Race
    • Movie Outside of the studio
      • Finding Dory =)
  • Food Portables
    • When?
      • each person bring one receipe from the book
  • Rolla Cycles Outdoor Rides (Owner: Casey)
    • for their schedule
    • Sat or Sun (mornings, around 8am)
    • 2 groups 
    • Free Rides
    • Mobile Bike Service
  • West Seattle Festival
    • Sat. June 18 (10am-5pm)
    • Canopy (sandbags)
    • What you offer?
    • Who we are?
    • Kids/Youth Program
      • Tri-Club weekend?
      • Give-Aways
        • Something in their mind, something tangible 
        • free-class with email/name info
    • Morgan Junction Community (700-1000 guest)
    • Volunteer to cycle?
      • afternoon
      • wear tri-suits
      • wear your bling
      • share your story
    • Father's Day (Sunday)
    • Who's doing Lake Meridian?
      • Jasmine (O)
      • Karen (?)
      • Gail (?)
      • Denise (S)
      • Ross (S)
  • Upcoming Events
    • Sat. May 14 = FFV Lincoln Park
      • Jasmine (?)
      • San Francisco (Gail, 12K)
      • Denise (no)
    • Sat. May 21 = Swimtastic
      • Guila (awesome)
      • $35 (9am-11am)
      • dry-land clinic
    • Sun. May 22 = WS 5K
      • $35 until May 19, price increase to $40
    • Sat. May 28-30 = Training Camp (Ironman/70.3)
      • Friday
    • Mon. May 30 = 7 Hills of Kirkland
    • Sat. June 4 = Flying Wheels & Lake Wilderness Tri
      • Flying Wheels (G)
      • Green River Marathon (Denise)??
  • More T-Shirt Orders
    • Long Sleeve Version?
    • Tank Top?
  • Open Water Swims?
    • Wednesday evening at 6:30pm start at Madison?
    • Madison / Seward Park
    • early Saturday swim?
    • evening weekday swim
    • evening weekend swim
      • lifeguard (off duty) - what time? to leave the rope area
      • boat traffic
      • bring buoy
      • bring food 
      • I-90 swim?
      • Swim (S)
  • Victoria House
    • room for 1 more
    • (Jennifer, Peter), (Jasmine, Aaron, Tressa,) (Steph, Brandy,) (Sherrie, Mike)
      • Abby (own arrangement)
      • Mariana (not sure if going anymore, own arrangements)
      • REI Cots for extra beds
      • Relay? - Aaron/Jennifer/???

April 11th: USAT Club Initiative Program & Member Benefits

  • Evening Nutrition Talk
    • In addition & separate to our monthly team meeting
    • Team meeting & evening talks are open to everyone, so please invite friends!
  • USAT Club Incentive Program
    • What can we do to increase membership?
      • More team events
      • New members get a "buddy"
      • Want to encourage athletes to be able to experience our personalized coaching style
        • Common feedback is that we make the training worthwhile - personal attention and feedback
        • Personal Coached athletes automatically get an annual team membership
          • Renewal will be at our current $75 rate (if not already being coached)
    • Member Referral Program?
      • Teammates will provide their input
  • Additional training times and offers that will help our teammates?
    • Mt Rainier Duathlon course simulation rides
    • Lake Meridian course simulation rides
    • Other workouts focusing on sprint & Olympic distance
  • Seeking New Sponsorships
    • Post-run brunch sponsor?
  • End of Season Event
    • A race and/or party?

March 13th: 2016 Race Schedule

After reviewing 8 pages worth of popular swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon events in the area, we came up with the list of major events that members of our team plan to attend. We'll try to provide additional support for our athletes doing these events.